South Australia

Bed and Breakfast South Australia

South Australia is often fondly referred to as the “Festival State”, apart from the several art galleries and shows there are many art and cultural festivals. For the beach lovers there is over two thousand kilometers of coastline of majestic cliffs and pristine sandy beaches.Kangaroo Island and the Flinders Ranges offer eco-tourism equal to anywhere in Australia.Adelaide Hills possesses wildlife sanctuaries and national parks boasting of a diverse range of native animals and plants.Less than an hour’s drive, you could be sailing on a catamaran or be swimming with spirited bottlenose dolphins.
Each South Australian tourist region offers its own wonderful unique experiences. These areas could be divided into outback, eco, country, seaside and wineries with many regions offering a combination of most of these experiences. Adelaide, the city of churches offers its own special experience including historic buildings, beautiful gardens and superb beaches just minutes from the city. For wine lovers there is no state that poses the quality or quantity of upmarket and boutique wineries. Outstanding Bed and Breakfast residences are scattered throughout the state for you to experience.